United Nations exposes geoengineering and chemtrails

Have you ever met someone who refuses to believe the self-evident truth of what is happening in front of their eyes?  …That’s right…it is just too much for their belief structure to accept reality as it is.

Despite witnessing several days of toxic spray, followed by days of light or little spray – many refuse to change their beliefs despite the plethora of evidence.  This is called “cognitive dissonance”  Here’s a video for the skeptics that ought to drop their jaws as they realize the beliefs they were clinging to were false:


All governments of the world are aware of the geoengineering programs.

Rosalind Peterson points out some basic facts and correctly calls the atrocities “geoengineering.” She points out the heavy metals of aluminum, strontium and barium being dumped in the atmosphere. However, she does label the trails of chemicals and metals “persistent jet contrails.” This term is not quite accurate because a “contrail” refers a trail of condensation – which evaporates. A chemtrail refers to a trail of chemicals which lingers and becomes artificial cloud cover. Peterson touches on the weather modification programs being conducted by private companies, the USAF and NASA.

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