NASA’s “Contrail” Watching For Kids

1984 meet 2014.

It’s official, NASA is playing their role in the geoengineering crimes against humanity by posing as a science giant that disperses blatant misinformation & disinformation to children.

George Orwell Meet Nasa Contrail Education (old link doesn’t work)

2016 link to NASA contrail for kids propaganda


“Contrails are long clouds made by high-flying aircraft. Because kids are so good at watching clouds, they can be easily taught to identify contrails.”

“Contrails are long clouds of ice crystals caused by the exhaust from the engines of high-flying aircraft.”

“Contrails can spread into cirrus clouds that reduce sunlight during the day and warm the Earth at night.”

“They need to know that contrails are actually manmade clouds and that they can cause measurable changes in the temperature far below where they live and go to school.”

Has humanity reached an apex of dumbness so great that our next generation is really going to fall for this?

The Ministry of Truth (NASA) seems to believe their persistent tactics of deception are foolproof and from now on people will believe whatever they say is true even if the information defies all logic.

For one, children are highly sensitive and can sense the texture of the skies. Is the sky littered with metal or is it not? Does my mouth taste like metal? Why do so many people get sick after a long day of “long clouds made by high flying aircraft?”

An important mission of the upcoming generation is to successfully be able to navigate a path to authentic and true information and intuition is the pilot. (suppressed feminine)

In a world that is resembling George Orwell’s 1984, we are facing the harsh reality that we must preserve basic understanding of weather – the way it was before decades of weather manipulation and geoengineering.

Let us pray there are enough adults to show the way.

Those of us alive today must embody our experiences, wisdom and memories of what it means to live in harmony with nature.

We honor nature and we will be fine.


  1. Great Website!
    Much greetings from Marl – NRW, west-Germany. I stay behind you.
    NASA goes to the FRONT… and official lie.
    direct to all People aeound the Globe,m who
    SEE WHAT IS GOING ON at our sky’s!

    be aware my friend. Nibiru is near… reaching us 2016.

    old website:

  2. this is outrageous, they make it sound like all of this is just peachy, and good, how can they do this to such young minds?

  3. what an evil generation to use our children for a sacrifice in the name of science,lies and deception are all they can use for their ugly projects to kill the world !

  4. Thanks. Great article! We should be Teaching our kids actual science like how to scientifically determine if metals are actually in the air or not!! Not getting them propaganda force fed at such an early age!


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