How to Detox from Chemtrails Using Frequency

How to Detox from Chemtrails Using Frequency

Well, by now you must have seen the poisonous aerosol spraying across the planet! 🙁 What do we do about the toxins falling on us?

How do we rejuvenate from the the fallout of metal and attack on our glandular systems, immune function and DNA?

Tune ourselves with healing frequencies.

936Hz and 852Hz both focus on the third eye (pineal pituitary complex) and can yield satisfying relief from electrosmog and chemtrail fallout.

Steady listening decalcifies the pineal gland.

Be sure to put on headphones while listening to these harmonizing frequencies of 936hz and 852hz.

Here is a simple 528hz frequency to repair DNA (45 minutes)

How exactly does it work?

All of life is a vibration. An important underlying catalyst of the effects from the causes we experience each day is the rate at which a wave spins. This is called Spin Cycles Per Second or Hertz (Hz).

Important concepts to integrate into an awareness of frequency:
-All of life spins as waves
-The background of our environment has a frequency
-Frequencies determine cell structure
-Wave patterns of harmonious frequencies are MORE SHAREABLE
-Wave patterns of destructive frequencies are LESS SHAREABLE
-Wisdom of sound healing is ancient

Check out the film Resonance – Beings of Frequency

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  1. Hello….

    I appreciate the detoxing method from the Haarp and Chemtrails….May I please ask where and how you tune into the 936Hz, 852Hz ad 528Hz…..Thank you for your help as we all can stand all the help needed to protect ourselves.


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