The Greenland Ice Core Project: Our temperature record

The Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) consisted of eight European nations (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) drilling for a core of ice.  The team successfully completed a three year quest (1989-1992) drilling over 3000 meters deep into central Greenland.  A core of ice that maps global temperatures as far back as 100,000 years ago was extracted and is considered the standard by which we can trace shifts in temperature.

This graph represents average global temperatures for the most recent 20,000 years.  Important shifts include the catastrophic events from around 12,000 years ago and the resulting ice age, the medieval warm period from 900ad to 1300ad and the following “little ice age” ending around 1850.

Greenland Ice Core

How does this integrate into today’s geoengineering assault in the skies?  Do you notice that temperatures have been relatively stable the past 10,000 years?

Those responsible for spraying the skies are purportedly doing it to block the sun so the planet stops warming.   This is all a misdirection from technology that renders petroleum based energy obsolete.  It’s also a profitable venture for those involved and serves as the talking point to drive home across the media.  In short – geoengineering is a clear example of an attempt to create order out of chaos.

The geoengineer agenda – Control the weather, blame carbon emissions for destroying the planet, ignore clean energy technologies and when weather goes from one extreme to another and nature shows signs of decay from geoengineering – blame carbon emissions again and tax the people to pay for worldwide weather modification projects.

What is important to remember is the planet can sustain a couple of degrees Celsius either direction over extended periods of time.  Warmer periods yield more vegetation, ice ages yield harsher conditions for life.

The planet and all of life on it is in much more danger from cooling than warming.  It is much easier to grow food to sustain life in a period similar to the medieval warming period.  Scandinavia, Russia, England and other northern regions experienced longer growing seasons and warmer weather more suitable for growing crops.

Once the globalist agenda to control the weather ends, once all available clean energy technology is unveiled and implemented, once we reach a tipping point of awareness – nature will balance the score and a golden age of authenticity and enlightenment prevails.

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