Geoengineering and Chemtrails : A misdirection from clean renewable fuels

Geoengineering and Chemtrails : A misdirection from clean renewable fuels

The perceived reliance on fossil fuels is a monumental fraud. There never was a need for our cars, trucks and motor bikes to fart around town on dinosaur remains. What is happening in the skies today is sickening, however it still falls in the category of misdirection from the truth. The truth is no inventor of our combustion engines wanted the power to come from John D Rockefeller and his Standard Oil monopoly of petroleum based products. The intentions of our first automakers were to offer a product of integrity – motor vehicles powered by renewable resources.

The pioneers of the first horseless carriages understood how to create engines that could be powered by fuels that are minimally destructive to the environment. Ford and Diesel brainstormed and built the most adaptable motors possible. Their revolutionary machines were designed with farmers in mind, enabling fuels to be grown on the land.

German inventor Rudolf Diesel understood the importance of designing an engine that could be powered by a variety of fuels. Diesel “made certain that motor-power can still be produced from the heat of the sun, which is always available for agricultural purposes, even when all our natural stores of solid and liquid fuels are exhausted.”

The first Diesel engine ran on peanut oil! All diesel engines are capable of running on straight vegetable oil (SVO) or waste vegetable oil (WVO). That’s right – waste oil from kitchens.

What we know as diesel fuel today is actually a byproduct of the petroleum industry. The petroleum based diesel fuel was propagated to the masses five years after Diesel was found floating in the English channel on his way to discuss selling engines to be used in British submarines.

There are infinite ways to power an engine:

According to Popular Mechanics Henry Ford’s first Model Ts originally were powered by hemp oil and the panels were made with hemp plastic. In 1941 Henry Ford debuted a hemp car made of 70% hemp plastic and the car ran on hempseed oil – and get this – it proved to be 10x more resilient than steel. A guy beats it with an ax and doesn’t dent it! Would we all be a lot safer and more fractal if our cars were made of hemp plastic? Yes!

In 1993 Stan Meyer showed the world his dune buggy that used water as the fuel source. More specifically and accurately the engine ran on hydrogen split from water. Meyer’s invention made international press and caught the attention of all the three letter agencies including big oil. Supposedly Meyer rejected a billion dollar offer for the patent and a year later was murdered.

How many people have heard of Diesel’s waste oil powered cars, Ford’s impenetrable hemp car or Meyer’s hydrogen powered engine?

More recently, Groom Lake physicist and inventor Bob Lazar proved one can fill tanks with hydrogen overnight to power a traditional gasoline engine.

One needs a particle accelerator to make hydride legally to store hydrogen in tanks – likely not such a tangible option for most of us.

For just a few thousand dollars you can purchase a car with a diesel engine. All diesel engines are capable of running waste fryer oil, however older models are easier to modify.

The most important keys to running your car or truck on veggie oil:

Upgrade the fuel filtration. Petroleum based Diesel fuel dries the engine and leaves sediment deposits. Recycled oil is wetter and much thicker and cleans the engine as it runs. It is possible to drive a vehicle with the stock fuel filter, though it will need constant replacement every one or two tanks and when it is really clogged the vehicle will not be able to drive uphill.

Several upgrade options offer the veggie oil enthusiast a seamless driving experience. A generic filter from is cheap ($50) and can be easily adapted to replace the stock filter. These filters require a new insert that is just a couple of dollars and in most cases only needs replacement every 5,000 to 15,000 miles. (8,000 to 24,000 km)

In 2011 I took the leap of faith and filled my 1982 Mercedes 300d with waste cooking oil from local eateries. Totally stock, no changes to the car. Would the car blow up? Would I be safe to drive all the way to San Francisco from Santa Cruz the following day?

Yes! I was fine.

In fact, the engine seems to run smoother on the used cooking oil!

While the crusade to “own the weather” by 2025 continues, always remember the official stance publicly is the skies must be sprayed to block the sun and stop the Earth from warming. All of this, the propaganda, the poisonous spraying of the skies, the rewriting of textbooks – has been diverting attention from technologies such as Ford’s hemp powered hemp plastic car, Stan Meyer’s hydrogen powered buggy and Bob Lazar’s hydrogen powered Corvette. In the mean time while we plant our roots in a new paradigm of authenticity – how about splurging on a Tesla?

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