Chemtrail flu? Lingering cold? Sinuses imbalanced? Frequencies can help

Lingering flu-like symptoms? Head cold? Sinuses blocked?

Perhaps you are suffering because of chemtrail fallout. An in-depth post about the chemtrail flu: Chemtrail flu – have you got it yet?. From 2001: Chemtrails: Delivery System For Dept. of Defense’s Toxic Cocktails.

936hz and 852 hz alleviate third eye calcification and impairment.

528hz acts as a general balancer.

The following tones target the sinuses and may greatly help reduce your anguish from flu and cold like symptoms. Be sure to use headphones.

Pure Tone 1.8hz Binaural

522hz and 20hz long tone

367hz and 20hz long tone

Binaural 25 minutes

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