Another ‘official’ textbook with blatant misinformation about clouds

The trail of obvious attempts by the globalists to dupe the masses continues to be plowed. During the final gasps and grasps for control of humanity by the few who seek to control humanity we are seeing the motives of their aims loud and clear.

Rewrite the textbooks.

Those responsible for the geoengineering crimes against humanity wish to fabricate an entirely new language for clouds to describe the phenomenon of global aerosol spraying campaigns. Continuous attempts to rewrite the language of the weather are to be expected during the years leading to 2025, the year the globalists plan to “own the weather.” Making order out of chaos only works if people believe the misdirection and deceit, otherwise the orchestration fails.

Image of Geoengineering in Textbook
Image of Geoengineering in Textbooks

“The trails that airplanes leave behind in the sky look like clouds, but they are actually air pollution.”

The plot to rewrite school textbooks to serve the agenda of the geoengineers is grossly apparent. These images are intended to program a new reality to the young generation.

Every awake human will not believe these images to represent nature – as long as experiences in nature are sought frequently enough to discern fiction from fact. Adventures outside with awake parents and friends combined with inherent common sense inevitably prevails through the muck of misinfo we are in for this decade.

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Open-hearted common sense leads the way.

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  1. What madness is this that children should be tought about weather to begin with ? Il tell you why they are doing this , they are trying to raise a whole different kind of society , one made up of globalism and radical environmentalism !!!!!!


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