Scalar Wave Technology: Nature’s Solution to the Fukushima Radiation

Scalar-Wave Technology: Nature’s Solution to The Fukushima Radiation

Basic information on Scalar Waves and the Djed Pillar


The 19th century . . . James Clerk Maxwell(1831-1879), a Scottish mathematical

physicist, diligently calculated over two hundred “quaternions”(equations);

mathematically describing the dynamics of rotating fields, Electromagnetic fields and

their expression as tensors and vectors, in his treatise : A Dynamical Theory of the

Electromagnetic Field, published in 1861-1862. Oliver Heaviside, endorsed by

the Academia Status Quo, removed all but four of the quaternions, which also explain

Scalars acting between the Vectors and Tensors. Subsequent experimentation in the

1880’s proved Heaviside’s editing was incorrect.

Scalar-Waves vibrate between the elements, plants, trees, mountains, and seas.

Elements themselves are vibrating geometrical Platonic waves interacting with scalar

waves. Cymatics reveals these principals.


Everything has charge(spin), our bodies, the Air(+) we breathe, the Water(-) we drink, as elements sustain our life-

force. The Ancient Egyptians symbolized their knowledge of this by the DJed Pillar.

Four vertebral columns placed on a stand to represent the 4 Worlds and Elements of Life; the human spine and sacrum.

Magnets don’t adhere to para-magnetic metals like aluminum and copper. Interestingly,

when a neodymium cylinder magnet is dropped inside of a copper tube, the rate of fall

diminishes due to the geometry of the rotating field, decreasing gravity and extending

travel time through the tube. Para-Magnetic materials express a magnetic field when

electricity is applied to them, but not otherwise. By encasing para-magnetic metals with

piezo-electric quartz within a non-conductive resin; pressure causes an electrical charge

creating a scalar-wave, allowing variance within the charges.


Scalar Technology can be greatly enhanced by specific geometry and materials to

achieve the radiological transmutation of isotopes. Walter Russell, a 20th century

Philosopher, revealed the key to creation is waves multiplying and dividing, expressing

fusion and fission.

Scalar-Wave Technology: Nature’s Solution to The Fukushima Radiation

Newton’s Third Law states: that for every action there is an equal and

opposite reaction. Natures demonstrates energy contracting and expanding;

exploding equaling imploding. Radioactive Isotopes are no exception.

Scalar-Wave Technology : Nature’s Solution to The Fukushima Radiation Nightmare

A week after March 11, 2011, I was exposed to a radiation cloud on Maui in the Kula

neighborhood elevating at 2700’. I engineered a scalar-wave antenna to transmutate

the radiation; a modern DJed Pillar to neutralize radioactive isotopes and chemtrails via

a scalar-wave torus-field. Linked into the planet, Mother-Nature modulates the Djed

Pillars network many miles by the Earth’s own Crystalline Scalar field. The Djed 3.0 is 9’

tall, and 5400% more efficient than the 1.0 : Crystalline-Orgonite Transmutation S.W.-

Disc: isotopes & elements, Harmonizes EMF’s. 9 Rainbow-charge polished copper

tubes for: atmospheric scalar-wave attenuation. 1 Crystalline-Orgonite 64permentational

base-array and 5 Gold-Vortex Frequency Plates. 3 Copper rods for tetrahedral ground-

linking to the planet’s natural crystalline scalar field. 1 Tone Frequency Generator for

specific frequency modulation control. Potential for: * N52 Neodymium Magnetic field

amplification & dielectric phase modulation.

Now-Time-Space: We can now build a clean future for our children restoring Balance

and Harmony to the Earth. Together we can create the positive-timeline we all

deserve. : for more information. I trust this material will inspire

you on your journey to wholeness, May Peace Grace Us All.

BIO : Benjamin-Jaymz :Hubbard began his spiritual awakening at the age of 3 through Solar initiation. He was

electrocuted & resuscitated in 1997; leading to intense studies into the human electro-magnetic field and various

“light-energy-body” mechanics. Has studied Metaphysics, Religions and Philosophies since youth, and began

Chinese Internal Martial Arts & Aikido in 1999. Holds a certificate of massage therapy since 2001 with continued

studies in neuro-kinesiology-biofeedback through 2003. In 2005, Spirit directly initiated him into the ancient path of

Shamanism. In 2006 he began advanced practice in subtle energy; in 2007 he began studies in applied research

of the Joe-cell Technology, Tesla-Science, Edward Leedskalnin, Scared Geometry, John Worrell-Keely, Nassim

Haramein and many others. Today, he offers “scalar-wave technology” to restore Balance*Harmony for meditation

and localized environments in these chaotic times.

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